Outdoor Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Published: 05th January 2012
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In an outdoor wedding, one must allow for the beauty and simplicity of the surroundings to shine in the wedding. While planning the decorations, it must be remembered that if you design a beautiful centerpiece, it can add a stunning decorative element and a splash of color to the event. Several outdoor wedding centerpieces are potted plants. These can be gifted to the guests at the end of the wedding. These guests would remember the wedding for a number of years when they view the plant.

Examples of Outdoor Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Bell Jars

      This is an impressive garden accessory

      They have been in use for several centuries and are regarded as romantic as well as timeless

      If a flower is topped with this accessory, it looks very special and significant

      One idea is to buy cheap violets at a flea market and place them under a bell jar

      Small potted roses that are available at grocery stores and plant stores also look nice under these jars


      They have a soft glow that lights up the surroundings and acts as s compliment for the guests

      Take a piece of beveled glass and keep a large lantern at its center. Surround this lantern with tiny lanterns of different sizes and heights

      These centerpieces are very apt if the wedding is being held at night in a garden

Use of Beveled Glass

      Keep a piece of circular or square beveled glass in the midst of the guest tables

      Arrange a beautifully potted plant at the center of the glass

      A good idea is to have a terra cotta pot that has some small flowering plants

      Coat the pot with yogurt or rub gel wood stain on it. This results in a romantic and aged look

Floral Garden Do It Yourself Centerpiece

      Use some ferns and vintage crates

      Arrange one crate in the midst of a large dining table
        Line the crate casually, by using some burlap

        In the interior of the crate, rest some ferns

        In order to generate visual interest, make a combination of minimum three sizes and varieties of ferns

        Encircle the crate by small white candles that are placed in clear glass votives

Metal Tin Watering Can

      Insert the plastic vase in the watering can

      Make a grid pattern on the top of the plastic vase and create an affordable flower frog on this pattern

Fruits and Flowers for Outdoor Wedding Centerpiece Ideas


      In the summer Sun, the citrus fruits like grapefruits, limes, and lemons shine

      For the soft fall colors, it is advisable to have pears, peaches, and apples


      In order to create a short centerpiece, select flowers like roses or orchids and cut their stems so that 1 inch remains. Float these flowers in a glass bowl filled with water

      Place flowers in the following

      Wooden baskets

      Watering cans

      Small pails

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